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XO Corner Steadies – Drop Down Jack

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$410.00 - $440.00
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in stock, ready to be shipped
Size: 650mm (25")
Color: Black

Versatile dual function corner steady and jack to aid in changing tyres or recoveries. Stronger 19mm hex drive can be used with corner steady winding handles, Wheel brace or impact driver.

  • Available in 25 Inch and 33 Inch extensions
  • 1929 Lbs weight rating in 90- Degree Positions
  • Non lift-rated stabilizer only when in 30 and 60 degree positions
  • Comes in Black powder coat with Black zinc finish
  • 600hr salt spray tested
  • Can be used as a corner steady to stabilize your trailer or jack to aid in tire changes
  • Can be used with a high lift jack base for extra-wide footprint on soft ground
  • Package includes 2x corner steadies, and one winding handle
  • 25" Version:
    Min. height*: 500mm (19.6")
    Max. lift height: 630mm (24.8")
    Max. stabilizer height: 658mm (25.9")
  • 33" Version:
    Min. height*: 596mm (23.5")
    Max. lift height: 822mm (32.3")
    Max. stabilizer height: 850mm (33.4")

    *This is the minimum amount of clearance required between your trailer frame (where the jack is mounted) and the ground, to allow the jack to swing down without impacting the ground.