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XO Tech Power Distribution Hub (PDH)

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12V-50A Power Management System with App Control


  • Control items from the Distribution Hub (PDH) or smart phone
  • Control your lights, water pumps, fridges, or any other 12 v device up to 10A from each relay
  • Control your battery protection
  • Control your usage with real-time total power consumption information

XO Tech is ARK’s next generation of the XO Series range tailored to 12V electrical systems for the Camper, RV, 4x4 and other Overland vehicle builds. The XO Tech Power Distribution Hub (PDH) is the latest innovation by ARK which allows the control of on-board devices, monitoring of usage, battery protection, a range of useful outputs, along with Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and monitoring from your smartphone.

The XO Tech PDH is packed full of useful technology and features in a compact and sleek design.

The XO Tech PDH is an all-in-one power management system that distributes power through a full suite of outputs. No more bulky control boxes, rocker switches, or even fuse blocks! The PDF is completely equipped with all these features and more in an compact, lightweight, and easy to install system giving full control and monitoring of the 12V electrical accessory needs of your Overland or Recreational vehicle build.

When space is a premium – At only 267mm long (10.5”) by 190mm wide (6”) and 60mm deep (2.25”), the PDH is compact enough to fit just about anywhere in your vehicle build. Space is always at a premium and the PDF is the perfect solution to maximize space usage, and minimize clutter and complexity in your build.

Camping made easy – The PDF offers the next level in automation for your Overland vehicle build. Wireless control through Bluetooth connectivity means you can use your smartphone (via the Ark XO Tech App) to monitor your battery and switch devices on and off from the comfort of your camp chair.

No more bulky rocker switches – The PDH is equipped with 4x 10A rated controllable relays which can be activated from the buttons on the face of the unit, or wirelessly through the smartphone app. The sleek push button design controllable relays remove the need to any bulky rocker switches or panels and associated wiring.

Outputs galore – In addition to the 4x 10 rated controllable relays, the PDF features and 50A rated Anderson style connector, a 10A rated Cigarette style socket, a 10A rated Engel socket (screw type that works with Engel, ARB and other screw on 12V fridge sockets), a 15A rated Merit socket, and a dual USB socket with 2.1A connections.

It can’t get easier than this – All you need is a 12V battery source (not supplied) wired up to a 50A Anderson style connector (connector supplied) and an inline 50A fuse (not supplied).  Simply connect the 12V source to the Anderson style input on the PDF and you’re all set with a powerful on board 12V solution for your Overland build with added levels of automation and battery protection for your auxiliary battery. The PDF is compatible with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and flooded Lead Acid battery types. Note: the PDH only monitors battery usage/charge, and does not provide any charge to the auxiliary battery itself.

Is there such a thing as too much information? With the PDH you can monitor the battery state of charge in both real time, and total power consumption information. In real time you can monitor battery voltage, current, power and time to discharge. You can also monitor total consumption including minimum and maximum voltage data, maximum current data, total watt hours and used battery capacity in amp hours since last charge. All this can be viewed on the scrolling OLED display on the unit itself, or wirelessly through the smartphone app.

Monitor a water tank… why not? Another exciting feature if the PDF is the ability to monitor the level of a plastic/poly water tank. This requires the installation of a tank level sender unit (to be available/sold separately)

Complete protection for your 12V outputs! The PDF outputs are protected with internal self-resetting fuses and an electronically controlled main relay, the status of which are shown from an array of LED indicators easily visible on the face of the unit. The PDH outputs are completely protected and no ongoing maintenance or replacement of fuses is required – total peace of mind.

Next level battery protection – The PDH is equipped with on board 12V/low voltage battery cut off/protection technology. Batter protection includes reverse polarity protection, current overload and temperature overload protection. The is also a built-in, adjustable low voltage disconnect feature that you can set in either High, Medium, or Low settings. This will shut off the outputs on the unit to prevent deep discharge of your battery source when the output reaches the minimum voltage set. This will prevent you from returning from a trip, forgetting to unplug your fridge for example, and accidentally damaging the life of your battery by deeply discharging it. This setting can be controlled via the main unit screen, or via the smartphone app.

More about the App – All the power and information for the PDH is at your fingertips via the App. The Ark Smart Hub app allows the pairing of one or more PDH devices to your smartphone, where each can be individually named. You can also customize the name of each of the outputs, change battery protection level settings, and set battery spec data such as battery type, and size. All these features allow you to customize, control and monitor your 12V setup from the comfort of your camp chair.