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4Runner 5th Gen Drawers

by Drifta
Original price $2,500.00 - Original price $3,200.00
Original price
$2,500.00 - $3,200.00
Current price $3,200.00

Email us for a shipping quote today, but please remember to provide your postal code, year and model of your 4Runner in your email... Thanks :)

Available for 5 seat models (not 7 seater) these units install to factory tie down points via turnbuckles which make it easy to install and remove from your rig. These Drifta units are pretty unique…they use Teflon runners to help the drawers slide – by using Teflon you save weight, space and money! The Teflon slides  are smoother and easier than traditional bearing runners, and they are mounted underneath the drawer so you can have the most width possible with each drawer for maximum internal  drawer space.  

Custom built for each vehicle to make sure the units are the exact LxW that will fit into the space you have – this means you get no wasted space around the sides compared to generic "one size fits many" drawer options on the market.

The standard unit is a 2 drawer unit, and includes Drifta's legendary slide out camp table which can be pulled out half way and used as a prep counter or work space in the back, or completely removed and used as a camp table, with fully adjustable galvanized steel legs, perfect for setting up on uneven ground. Each drawer is fully carpeted with specialty automotive carpet and includes key locking stainless flush latches, one divider per drawer (supplied loose so you can install it where it suits best), an aluminum edge protection strip, and a Side Wing KIT that allows you to make custom panels to cover over the space behind the wheel arches for a completely flat cargo surface while still maintaining access to storage and the factory power point(s) behind the arches. The standard unit is 1050mm W (+80mm fixed half wings at front)  X 850mm Deep X 275mm H. 

Additional options include Drifta's unique DSS fridge slide... The DSS is integrated into the deck of the drawers and is made specifically for the size of fridge you intend to use. These pictures show an ARB 47L or Engel MT45 fridge for example, but if you have a wider fridge, then the slide can be made wider to match, and the table will be made narrower (requires a custom order). Flush mount spring loaded tie down points make strapping the fridge in very simple, but also mean that when you're not travelling with the fridge you have a nice flat surface to load your day to day cargo.

Prices shown are in CAD$ ex. Surrey BC. Tax(es) and delivery charges are additional. Contact us for a quote. 

NOTE: This kit will only suit the 5 Seater model 5th Gen 4Runner, and does not work if you have the Toyota Sliding Cargo Tray option fitted (even if it has been removed).